Schedule Preferences

To open this window, click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences... and then click the Schedule icon at the top of the window

See also Filtering On a Schedule.

What you can do in this window

You can turn on Filter accounts automatically to create a filtering schedule for Spamfire. The schedule you create here will filter all accounts turned on in the Spamfire Accounts Window.

Spamfire filters your Proxied POP3 accounts any time you check email in your email program. You can also set a schedule in Spamfire to have your POP3 accounts filtered even when your email program is not open. This can ensure faster performance in your email program. It can also be a great way to filter your email while you are traveling.

Spamfire filters your IMAP and Helper POP3 accounts only when you tell it to, either manually, by choosing Start Filtering from the Filemenu, or automatically by configuring a schedule in the Schedule Preferences window. Adding helper accounts to Spamfire and filtering them on a schedule can be a great way to filter someone else's email for them.

You can keep your Spamfire trash folder clean by turning on Automatically delete messages in the trash. You can set a schedule that controls how quickly messages are deleted after you move them to the trash. This turns your trash can into a compost heap, where older messages decompose automatically, while fresher messages stay around. Of course, you can also empty the trash any time by choosing Empty Trash... from the Message menu.

If you use Spamfire in Helper mode, you can check After filtering a helper account, trigger a mail check. You must choose your email program from the popup menu. This setting makes Spamfire 2 work like Spamfire 1. Spamfire will filter your mail and then send an AppleScript to your email program to trigger a mail check in your email program.