Revenge Preferences

To open this window, click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences... and then click the Revenge icon at the top of the window.

See also Taking Revenge.

What you can see in this window

All revenge options are shown in the list. There are several built-in revenge options and you can add additional ones. The Revenge Options shown in the list are available to you any time you take revenge on a message or group of messages.

You can see info about each built-in revenge option by clicking it in the list. Helpful information will be displayed next to the list.

What you can do in this window

You can add new reporting authorities by clicking the Add button. A reporting authority is someone to whom you can forward spam email. You can specify the name of the authority and the email address to which you want to report the spam. You can click the Send as attachment checkbox to report the spam message as an attachment to a new email message. This is the preferred format for most authorities. If you do not check Send as attachment the spam message will be sent in its original format. This may result in inaccurate reporting, but some authorities may require it. Check with the authority to whom you want to report spam to see what they require.

You can remove reporting authorities by clicking the Remove button. You cannot remove built-in Revenge Options.

You can turn on Automatically take revenge on trashed spam. Click the Settings... button to choose which Revenge Options should be processed automatically. When this option is turned on, Spamfire will automatically take revenge on any messages you move to the trash. You move messages to the trash by locating them in the Spamfire Mail window and clicking the Move to trash button.

Fully automatic revenge

If you want Spamfire to take revenge completely automatically, without your having to do anything at all, you can change your Delivery Preferences to automatically move certain spam messages to the trash. After the messages are moved to the trash, Spamfire will auto-revenge them. You can also use the Schedule Preferences to delete the messages in the trash automatically. With these settings, you can filter out spam and take revenge on it automatically, without ever having to see it in either your email program or in the Spamfire Mail window.

Auto-Revenge happens on a regular schedule. After you move spam messages into the trash, it may take a few minutes for them to be auto-revenged. If you move very many spams into the trash, it may take a bit longer for them all to be auto-revenged. If you leave them there long enough, they will be auto-revenged. Therefore, if you want auto-revenge to happen, you should not empty your trash as soon as you move spams into the trash. Instead, you may prefer to rely on the auto-trash schedule.

You can recognize which messages have been auto-revenged by noting the small revenge icon in the Mail window.