Changing Spamfire Settings

All Spamfire settings can be found and edited in the Spamfire Preferences window. Any time you want to make any change to the way Spamfire works, or any time you need to correct a problem with Spamfire, you will probably use the Preferences window.

To open the Preferences window, click the Preferences button in the Spamfire Mail window, or click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences..., or type , (commma).

The Preferences window has an icon bar at the top of the window. Click one of the icons to view and edit a set of preferences.


Filters: Senders · Rules · Bayesian · Remote Filters · Updates





If you want to run the Spamfire Setup Assistant again, click Run Setup Assistant Again... in the Spamfire Extra Preferences..The Setup Assistant will preserve most of your settings and add some new ones.