Sender Filter Preferences

To open this window, click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences.... Then click the Filters icon at the top of the window, and then click the Senders tab at the bottom of the window.

See also How the Sender Filters work.

What you can see in this window

The Sender Filter Preferences window lists all the senders you have added or imported into the Spamfire Friends list.

The first column in the list shows an icon to indicate what type of Sender is listed. Here are what the icons mean:

Friend Any sender you want to receive email from
Mailing list A mailing list you want to receive email from
Spammer Scum of the earth

The second column indicates the header field where the address must appear. If the field is set to From then the sender will be recognized only if the From header of the email message matches the supplied address. By default, Senders must must match the From address, but you can create senders that match other email fields.

The third column shows the username of the email address. This will read <anyone> if you entered only a domain name.

The fourth column shows the domain name of the email address.

You can sort the list by any column by clicking the column header.

You can find senders by clicking in the search field or pressing F, typing a few letters, and pressing return.

What you can do in this window

You can add a sender by clicking the Add button. A new window will appear where you can enter an email address or domain name. You can set the sender as a Friend, Mailing List (good), or Spammer. You can also choose which email field the address must appear in. If you do not know what the different fields indicate, check the help files or manual that came with your email program.

You can remove senders by selecting them in the list and clicking the Remove button.

You can edit any sender by selecting it in the list and clicking the Edit button.

You can import or export senders by choosing a command from the Action menu. When importing senders, you can select any text file in any format and Spamfire will import every email address it finds in the text file. More info.

The OS X address book

If you use OS X, remember that Spamfire will automatically accept any email message from a sender that appears in the built-in OS X address book. You do not need to add such senders to the Spamfire Senders List. For more information about the OS X address book, consult the manual or help files that came with your computer.