Rule Filter Preferences

To open this window, click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences.... Then click the Filters icon at the top of the window, and then click the Rules tab at the bottom of the window.

See also How the Rule Filters work.

What you can see in this window

All rule filters that you have created are listed here. If you don't see anything in the list, you haven't added any filters. An icon next to each filter indicates whether it is a filter that identifies good email, or a filter that identifies spam email. Here are what the icons mean:

Identifies good messages
Identifies spam messages

The name shown in the list is simply a descriptive name for the filter. It does not necessarily reflect the text pattern that the filter looks for.

What you can do in this window

You can add a Rule by clicking the Add button. The Rule Editing Window will appear.

You can remove Rules by selecting them in the list and clicking the Remove button.

You can edit any Rule by selecting it in the list and clicking the Edit button. The Rule Editing Window will appear.

Enable or disable any Rule by clicking the checkbox next to it in the list. Disabled filters are skipped during filtering and not used to identify email.