The Rule Editing Window

To show this window, simply create or edit a rule in the Rule Filter Preferences Window.

In the upper left corner, you can set the Name of this rule. This can be any text that helps you remember what this Rule does. The name appears in the Rules list and also in the Filter Results for any message it identifies.

Make sure that Enable this rule is checked.


This condition will check each message to see if its Subject starts with the words "Web Order".


A new filter starts out with a single condition, which appears in the scrolling window on the right side of the window. The first popup menu lets you choose which part of the email message you want to look in. The second popup menu lets you choose what kind of test you want to perform. The text field lets you enter the text you want to test for.

You can add additional conditions by clicking the More Conditions button. You can add an unlimited number of conditions to any Rule, but you will find Rules easier to manage if you make many Rules with fewer conditions in each Rule.

When you have created multiple conditions, you can use the popup menu on the left side of the window to determine whether Any or All conditions must be met. Another popup menu lets you choose whether this Rule identifies Good messages or Spam messages.