Delivery Preferences

To open this window, click the menu at the top of the and then click Preferences... and then click the Delivery icon at the top of the window.

What you can do on this window

Turn on Automatically trash "Definite Spam" messages to have Spamfire automatically move certain spam messages to the trash. With this option on, Spamfire will automatically trash messages it is very confident are spam. Other messages will be held in the usual place for you to review.

Even though the messages are trashed, they are not deleted until you choose Empty Trash... from the Message menu or turn on an auto-delete schedule in the Schedule Preferences. The messages are just held in the trash, where you don't have to see them. You can see the contents of the trash by opening the Spamfire Mail window, showing the Mailboxes and clicking the Trash icon.

You can click More Options... to make Spamfire automatically trash other kinds of messages and otherwise fine-tune the way Spamfire manages your email. You can use this feature to stop borderline messages that keep slipping through Spamfire. When you click More Options... a new window will appear. For each type of email that Spamfire receives, you can control whether it is delivered to your email program and when it should be moved to the Spamfire trash.

See the icon legend for a definition of "Definite Spam" and the other email types in Spamfire. See Browsing Mail in Spamfire to learn how to show different mail types in the Spamfire Mail Window.

Customizing other delivery options

If you frequently get virus attachments via email, you may find it helpful to have Spamfire intercept them for you. After you have used Spamfire for a while, the Bayesian filters should be able to recognize the virus emails automatically, but in the beginning, you may find it helpful to turn on Hold all attachments sent by unknown senders. This ensures that Spamfire will never deliver an attachment unless it comes from a sender in your address book or on your Spamfire Senders list.

If you rarely get email from people not on your address book, you may want to turn on Hold all email sent by unknown senders. Do not turn on this option if you need to receive email from the general public. You can use this feature to protect a child from unwanted email.

When you turn on either of these options, Spamfire will continue to intercept spam from unknown senders. But if Spamfire receives a message from an unknown sender, and it does not otherwise look like spam, Spamfire will hold the message in the Other Email mailbox in the Spamfire Mail Window. Spamfire will not automatically deliver these messages to your email program. You can periodically check the Other Email mailbox. If there are good messages in there that you want to receive, you can select them and click the Is good button. See Correcting Spamfire for more info.