Uninstalling and Reinstalling Spamfire

You can uninstall Spamfire any time by clicking the Uninstall... button in the Demo Mode window that appears before you purchase Spamfire, or by clicking on the File menu at the top of the and then clicking Uninstall....

When to uninstall

You can uninstall Spamfire if you want to stop using it or if you want to temporarily disable it to troubleshoot a problem on your computer. If you just want Spamfire to stop filtering some or all email accounts you can just disable those accounts in the Spamfire Accounts Preferences. Use Uninstall if you want to completely remove all Spamfire settings from your computer.

It is not necessary to uninstall Spamfire when upgrading to a new version. Just quit the old Spamfire, throw the old Spamfire application in the , and install and launch the new version. The new version will automatically recognize your old settings. If you uninstall Spamfire, your old settings will be lost.

Uninstalling will not reset your free demo time. If you need additional demo time, contact us for help.

How uninstalling works

When you uninstall Spamfire:

The Spamfire Agent will quit and will no longer launch automatically when your computer is restarted.

Any proxied POP3 accounts are disabled. If your email program is supported in the Spamfire Setup Assistant, your email account settings will be reversed so that your email program no longer uses Spamfire.

The Spamfire Preferences folder will be moved to the . The folder is called "Spamfire 2".

Spamfire will quit.

After Spamfire quits, there is one more step you need to complete uninstalling:

On a Macintosh, simply drag the Spamfire application icon into the .

On Windows, use the Add/Remove Software Control Panel to remove the Spamfire application from your computer.

Restarting with brand new preferences

After you have uninstalled Spamfire, you can re-open it and Spamfire will start over with brand new Preferences and you will go through the Setup Assistant again. This can be useful if you think your preferences have become corrupted somehow.


If you want to reinstall Spamfire and restore your old settings, open the and drag the Spamfire 2 folder back into your Preferences folder. Launch Spamfire. All your old settings will be preserved.