Finding your SMTP Settings

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. You must configure an SMTP server in Spamfire if you want to be able to send email from Spamfire. You only need to do this if you want to report spam with the Revenge button or resend mail for Helper accounts. SMTP accounts are added in the Spamfire Account Preferences Window.

There are three basic bits of information you need in order to send email from Spamfire or from any email program:

Mail Server · Your SMTP mail server address is not always related to your email address. It is usually the domain name of your ISP. If you buy your internet service from Horrible Phone Company, Inc., then your mail server is probably something like It might also be

If you have your own domain name, your mail server might be, but it is more likely to be Depending on your Horrible Phone Company, your mail server name may be even more horrible and unpredictable. Something like

User Name · The user name is probably the same as the user name for your incoming email account.

Password · This is probably the same as the password for your incoming email account.

If you do not know these settings, you may be able to find them:

On the Account Information paper that your ISP mailed to you when you signed up for your service.

From the IT administrator for your company.

By calling the technical support number for your ISP.

By looking at the SMTP settings in your email program.

Matterform tech support does not have this information and is not able to provide it to you.