Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a partial list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Spamfire. All keyboard shortcuts are displayed in the menus. On a Macintosh computer, means the command key, also called the Apple key, which is the key labeled with the symbol. means the shift key and means the option key. For more information, see the manual or help files for your computer.

Basic navigation
1 Show the Spamfire Mail window

Show the Spamfire Preferences window

F Find a message
B Show or hide the mailboxes drawer or pane
? Open the Spamfire Users' Guide
Browsing email
S Show all spam email
B Show all borderline email
G Show all good email
A Show all email
Processing email
G Mark message as good
F Mark message as friend
S Mark message as spam
M Mark message as spammer

Move selected message(s) to the trash

D Move all displayed messages to the trash

Take revenge, using the most recent Revenge settings

J Take revenge, changing the settings