SSL Security

Spamfire offers SSL security for incoming accounts. If your ISP supports SSL connections, you can turn on SSL security to ensure that your password and email will be encrypted in transit to prevent other people from intercepting your internet connection and reading your email.

SSL security is turned on or off in the More options... section of the Account Preferences window.

Check with your ISP to make sure they support SSL. If you have trouble getting your email or if downloading your email takes a very long time, you may have to turn SSL security off for that account.

Although you can secure the connection between Spamfire and your mail server, the connection between Spamfire and your email program must remain un-secured. If you are using Spamfire in proxy mode and turn SSL on in your mail client, you will receive errors and not be able to get your email. The table below shows how to use SSL:

Connection mode: Setting in mail client: Setting in Spamfire:
Proxy mode Security OFF Security On
Helper mode Security On Security On

Even though you cannot secure the connection between your email program and the Spamfire proxy, your email is still safe because the connection over the internet between Spamfire and your mail server is secure.

To turn SSL security on or off in your mail client, refer to the documentation that came with your email program.