Finding your Email Settings

If you use a supported email program, Spamfire can import your email settings directly from your email program. If you have an unsupported program or want to create a helper account, you may need to enter them mnually into Spamfire.

There are three basic bits of information you need to connect to your email account from Spamfire or from any email program:

User Name · If your email address is, your user name is probably joe. Or it may be or

Your user name does not contain any spaces, punctuation, or capital letters. Thus, your user name is almost certainly not James A. Friedrich, M.D. Unfortunately, mail servers are not impressed by advanced degrees. Try the maitre d'.

Mail Server · If your email address is your mail server is probably something like or It is probably not simply

Some ISPs like to get fancy with their mail server name and they make it impossible to predict. SBC Global is notorious for unpredictable and frequently changing mail server names. Other big companies also like to get fancy. Be sure to call them up and thank them for their cleverness. You'll be calling them anyway because you'll need lots of help from these people. Isn't there a nice home-owned ISP near you who will really appreciate your business and can provide better service?

Password · This is whatever password you chose or was provided for you when you signed up for your email service.

If you chose your own password, then it is probably the name of your dog. Try rusty.

If you do not know these settings, you may be able to find them:

On the Account Information paper that your ISP mailed to you when you signed up for your service.

From the IT administrator for your company.

By calling the technical support number for your ISP.

By looking at the account settings in your email program.

Matterform tech support does not have this information and is not able to provide it to you.