How Background Filtering Works — Spamfire Agent


An indicator light on the main Spamfire window shows you whether the Agent is running or not. Green means that Spamfire is able to communicate with Spamfire Agent.

Spamfire actually comprises two programs. Spamfire is the program whose icon is visible in the . You use Spamfire to change settings and to review intercepted email. Another program, called Spamfire Agent is an invisible background program that retrieves email from your mail server, filters it, and delivers it to your email program.

Important: If you are using Spamfire's proxy feature, Spamfire Agent must be open in order for you to be able to receive email. If something goes wrong, here is how you can fix it.

If the Spamfire Agent indicator light is not green, try re-starting the Spamfire Agent. Choose Quit Spamfire Agent from the File menu (if that option is available) and then choose Launch Spamfire Agent from the File menu.

If you still have trouble getting Spamfire to communicate with the Agent, try quitting and relaunching Spamfire, or logging out and back into your computer.