If You Can't Get Email in Your Email Program


An indicator light on the main Spamfire window shows you whether the Agent is running or not. Green means that Spamfire is able to communicate with Spamfire Agent.

If you are using Spamfire's new Proxy feature, you will not be able to retrieve your email unless Spamfire Agent is running.

Normally, Spamfire Agent will stay open in the background at all times so you can retrieve email. However, something might go wrong on your computer and cause the Spamfire Agent to quit. If this happens, you will not be able to get any email. You will get an error in your email program when you try to check email.

If you have problems getting email in your email program, you should quit Spamfire (if it is already open) and then re-launch Spamfire and choose Start Filtering from the File menu or press T.

If Spamfire gives you an error, read the error message carefully. If Spamfire says there was a problem with your email settings, you probably need to fix a problem with the email account settings in Spamfire.

If Spamfire is able to filter your email, try checking email in your email program. It should work now. If your email program still does not work, open the Spamfire Account Preferences window, and uncheck the box next to each one of the listed "Incoming Accounts." Then re-check the box next to the "Incoming Accounts." That will re-create the settings in your email program. Try checking email in your email program.

If your email program still doesn't work, you should review the settings in your email program to make sure they are correct. If you cannot get your email program to connect to Spamfire, you can change your setup to use Spamfire as a helper program, instead of a proxy.

If Spamfire says "Sorry, I am having trouble launching the Spamfire Agent," you can re-start the Spamfire Agent manually. Choose Quit Spamfire Agent from the File menu, and then choose Launch Spamfire Agent from the File menu. Check the indicator light on the Spamfire main window and try checking email again.

If that doesn't help, try restarting your computer.

If that still doesn't help, try re-downloading Spamfire from our Web site.

And if that still doesn't work, please contact Tech Support.