Rescuing changes in version 2.0

In Spamfire 1.x, the Rescue command sent a copy of the intercepted message back to your mail server. Then the next time you checked email, your email program would pick up the rescued message from the mail server.

In Spamfire 2.0, when using Proxied POP3 accounts, your email client picks up email directly from Spamfire, not from the mail server. Any time you mark a message as good or as a friend in Spamfire 2.0, Spamfire automatically makes the message available to your email program. Just check your email with your email program and the message will be delivered immediately (even if you are not online!).

If you use Helper POP3 accounts , Spamfire 2 works like Spamfire 1. You can correct messages and mark them as friends. But in order to receive the message in your email program you must resend the message to your email server. Use the new Resend command R. This requires an SMTP server to be configured in the Account Preferences window and requires you to be online when you Resend.

IMAP accounts work mostly like Helper POP3 accounts and typically require you to resend messages. Or, if you prefer, you can just use your email program to look in the online "Spamfire" folder on your IMAP server. You can locate messages in that folder and drag them out in your email client. This does not train Spamfire, however.