Other questions about version 2.0

Can I use my Spamfire 1 license in Spamfire 2?

No, but there is a special upgrade price for owners of Spamfire 1. Visit our web site for details.

What about free upgrades?

Free upgrades were already emailed to customers who purchased Spamfire 1 after February 1, 2005. If you purchased Spamfire after February 1 and did not receive a free Spamfire 2 license, please contact us.

Will my Spamfire 1 filter subscription still work?

Yes. Any unused portion of your Spamfire filter subscription will be automatically transferred to your new Spamfire 2 license. You can check the status of your filter subscription in the Preferences window. Spamfire filter subscriptions and renewals work in Spamfire 2 just like they did in Spamfire 1, with one difference: Matterform no longer publishes rule filter updates. But we continue to publish Remote Filters for subscription members. Literally hundreds of Remote Filters are created every day. You can see a report of recent additions in the Spamfire Preferences window.

Why don't you publish rule filter updates any more?

The number of updates needed to stay on top of new spammer tactics became prohibitive. Before Spamfire 2 became available, we added Remote Filters to Spamfire 1. The Remote Filters work dynamically when you filter your mail. Because the filters do not have to be downloaded to your computer, we are able to release far more filter updates. Spamfire 2 offers a combination of auto-updated Remote Filters and self-training Bayesian Filters, which delivers greater accuracy than ever before.

What happened to bounce? What happened to Bug the WebBugs?

We have eliminated the Bounce command from Spamfire 2.0. Spammers very rarely pay attention to bounces and they frequently use forged addresses, which can mean your bounce may become just another annoyance for some other hapless spam victim. Bouncing doesn't work, so we've dropped it from the Spamfire features. Check out the new SpamX revenge option in the Spamfire Revenge Preferences window for an alternate feature that works better. We have also eliminated Bug the WebBugs, but we are working now on a new Revenge option that will do something very similar but which can be used against far more spammers than Bug the WebBugs. This new Revenge Option will be made available in an upcoming version of Spamfire.

What happened to Hotmail support?

We have eliminated Hotmail support from Spamfire 2.0, both for technical reasons and because Hotmail's spam filtering has proved to be reasonably effective for most Hotmail users. There are some freeware and shareware utilities that can give you POP or IMAP access to your Hotmail accounts. Spamfire can work in conjunction with such utilities to filter your Hotmail accounts.