How the new proxy feature works

In Spamfire 1.x, you configured both Spamfire and your email client to connect directly to your email server. You can still do this in Spamfire 2.0, but Spamfire 2.0 is also designed to work as an email proxy. This means you can configure your email program to pick up email directly from Spamfire, instead of from your email server. The Spamfire Setup Assistant will automatically re-configure your email program to use Spamfire as a proxy for all POP3 email accounts. If you every uninstall Spamfire, these changes will be automatically reversed so that your email program can connect to your server without using Spamfire. If the Spamfire Setup Assistant does not support your email program, you can still configure your email program manually.Comparison of the Spamfire 1.x and 2.0 architecture

Advantages of the new Proxy Architecture

Integration is tighter. You don't have to use AppleScript to link Spamfire to your email program. Your email program accesses Spamfire through regular internet protocols.

There is no more spam leakage, which could occur right after Spamfire 1.x finished filtering and your email client started checking. Your email client will never receive unfiltered mail.

You don't need to create a special schedule for filtering your email. Spamfire filters each email account on demand any time your email program checks an account for new messages.

You no longer have to download any messages twice. Spamfire downloads the message once and then it is transferred directly to your email program.

Rescuing no longer requires an SMTP server. You mark a message in Spamfire 2.0 as "Good" and your email program will just pick it up the next time you check email.

You don't have to know your email password. Your email client will pass it directly to Spamfire 2.0 and Spamfire 2.0 will use it to log into your email server