What's new in 2.0

Owners of Spamfire 1 can upgrade to Spamfire 2.0 for a special price. Please visit our Web site and upgrade today!

New client-integration feature

Spamfire 2.0 offers a completely new way of integrating with your email client and server. In Spamfire 1, both Spamfire and your email program connected to your mail server. Spamfire 2 will change settings in your email program so that your email program picks up good email from Spamfire, rather than directly from your server. See this comparison of the old Helper architecture and the new Proxy architecture.

The Spamfire Setup Assistant will automatically configure your email program to use Spamfire's new proxy feature for the POP3 accounts you choose.

IMAP accounts will be imported as Helper Accounts, which means they will work just like they did in Spamfire 1.

Spamfire has built-in support for the most popular email programs. If you use an unsupported email program, the Setup Assistant will give you instructions for changing settings manually in your email program.

More about Helper and Proxy Accounts.

Rescue usually not needed

Because of the new email proxy feature, it is usually not necessary to rescue mail that was intercepted incorrectly. You just mark it as good (or as a friend) and then check email in your email program. Your email program will pick up the good email directly from Spamfire.

If you are using IMAP or Helper accounts, there is a new Resend command that can be used to send messages back to your server. This replaces the old Rescue command. The Resend command can be triggered manually in the Message menu. It is also triggered automatically when you mark a spam message as good in a Helper account.

New keyboard shortcuts

Many of the keyboard shortcuts have changed and new ones have been added. Check the menubar or this partial list.

Revamped Mail Window

The Mail window now includes a mailboxes drawer that can be shown or hidden. You can click mailboxes in the drawer to show just borderline spam, or just definite spam, etc. The Mail window also includes a new Trash can where messages can be placed to get them out of your way before they are actually deleted. More about the Mail Window.

New Uninstall Method

Version 1 didn't require an uninstall because it never altered your email program settings. You could just quit version 1 and your email program would work as usual.

Version 2 does alter your email program settings for POP3 accounts. If you remove Spamfire from your computer, your email program will not be able to retrieve email. So be sure to uninstall Spamfire if you don't want to use it.

Filtering changes

Version 2.0 retains the Friends & Spammers list and the Spamfire.net Remote Filters from version 1.x. We have changed the way Rule Filters work. Spam scores are also slightly different in version 2.0.

New Bayesian filters

We have introduced brand new statistical or "Bayesian" filters. The new filters give Spamfire 2.0 unprecedented filtering accuracy. Spamfire 2 also has powerful new training features and can even train itself to recognize spam and non-spam email.

Filter subscription changes

Any unused time on your Spamfire 1 filter update subscription will continue to work automatically in version 2.0. You can check the status of your subscription, and renew your subscription, in the Subscription Preferences window. For Spamfire version 2.0, Matterform no longer publishes Rule Filter updates, but we continue to publish Remote Filter updates. We typically publish hundreds of new Remote Filters every day. You can see a report of the number of recent Remote Filter updates in the Remote Filter Preferences window.

Background filtering

Version 1.x had a feature that let you filter your email in the background. This feature has been improved and is the default behavior in version 2.0. By default, you can launch Spamfire, configure the settings, and then quit Spamfire, but Spamfire Agent will stay open in the background and filter your email whenever your email program checks for new mail.

New delivery preferences

Spamfire offers more control over how email is delivered and intercepted. You can now choose to have certain kinds of email (like "Definite Spam") automatically thrown in the Spamfire trash so you don't even see them in the Spamfire Mail window. See Delivery Preferences.

Complete re-write

Version 2.0 is a complete re-write of the Spamfire application. There are lots of improvements in the little things, like error handling and logging, interface refinements, and above all, stability. Spamfire 2.0 includes a brand new database system, which will vastly improve performance.


See the FAQ for more questions and answers about Spamfire 2.0.