How to: Get or Stop Email Without Training Spamfire

If Spamfire makes a mistake, you can correct it and automatically train it to deal correctly with similar messages in the future. Sometimes, though, you want to change the way Spamfire delivers a particular message without training it on that message.

Say you receive a spam. Spamfire identifies it correctly as spam and intercepts it. However, for some reason, you want to receive the spam in your email program. If you correct the message, Spamfire will be more likely to accept this spam in the future. If that's not what you want, selecet the message and choose Deliver to Email Client from the Message menu. Spamfire will deliver the message for you, but will still consider it to be spam.

Say you receive a good email. Spamfire identifies it as good and is going to deliver it to your email program. But you have already read it in Spamfire and don't want to receive a copy in your email program. You can prevent Spamfire from delivering the message to your email program by choosing Deliver to Email Client from the Message menu to turn off the delivery. You can also simply trash the message in Spamfire. Spamfire will move the message to the trash, remove it from your email server and will not deliver it to your email program.