How to: Find Out Why a Spam Was (or Wasn't) Stopped

If Spamfire makes a mistake, you can usually correct it and Spamfire will automatically learn to deal correctly with similar messages in the future. In some cases, you may wonder why a particular message was or was not intercepted. Here's how to find out how Spamfire made its decision:

Locate the message in the Spamfire Mail window. Both spam and good email can by browsing the mailboxes or using the Find command.

Double-click the message to open it in Spamfire.

Click the Filter Results tab.

Spamfire shows a list of all the filters that had something to say about this message. You may see that it was accepted because it came from a known sender. You may see that it was rejected because a Remote Filter recognized the sender.

At the bottom of the window, Spamfire shows the spam and non-spam tokens that were recognized in the message. These tokens depend on your past email history. There is usually not much you can do about these tokens directly, but they can help you find training problems. If you see obvious spam words in the non-spam list, it may indicate that you have mistrained some messages. See Bayesian Filters for more info.