How To: Protect Your Children From Unwanted Email

You can create stronger than usual settings in Spamfire to protect your children, not only from spam, but also from other email threats. For example, parents often would like to ensure that their child does not receive email from any unknown sender. Here's how you can do this in Spamfire:

This works best if you create an OS user account that your child must log into before using the computer. That way, the settings you make in Spamfire will only affect your child and not other people who use the computer. To create an OS user account, see the documentation that came with your computer.

Open Spamfire in your child's user account. Use the Setup Assistant to configure it to filter your child's email in the usual way.

These tips work best if your child uses a supported email program to check email. If your child logs into a Web site to retrieve email, you must also configure a filtering schedule in the Spamfire Schedule Preferences. When used with a Web browser, there may be occasional spam slippages.

Open the Spamfire Delivery Preferences. Check Hold all email from unknown senders. Choose Move to trash immediately from the popup menu.

Open the Spamfire Schedule Preferences. Set Spamfire to delete messages in the trash after 2 weeks.

Add the email addresses of your child's approved correspondents to the Spamfire Senders List (or, if you use OS X, to the OS X Address Book).

Quit Spamfire. The Spamfire Agent will stay open in the background and will launch automatically every time your child logs into his or her OS user account.

Spamfire Agent will filter email automatically every time your child checks his or her email. Spamfire will only release email messages that come from the email addresses you added to the Spamfire Senders List. All other messages will be held in the Spamfire trash for 2 weeks. You can open Spamfire in your child's user account to review and rescue messages if necessary. Messages in Spamfire will be permanently discarded after 2 weeks.

Important note: These settings do not prevent your child from opening Spamfire to read and rescue messages that have been intercepted. Your child will also be able to open Spamfire and change the settings to allow all email through. Spamfire is not a substitute for parental involvement. However, it can be a helpful tool in protecting your child from the worst the internet has to offer.

For additional security, see Filtering Someone Else's Email.