How to: Import Settings from Spamfire 1.6

If you have Spamfire 1 installed on your computer, the Spamfire Setup Assistant will automatically import the following settings:

Friends and Spammers from your Senders List

SMTP server settings

Your Spamfire 1 license (your Spamfire 1 license does not work in Spamfire 2 but can be used to purchase an upgrade license at a discounted cost).

Other settings are re-created in Spamfire 2. Spamfire 2 does not automatically import your accounts from Spamfire 1. Instead, it can import the accounts directly from your email program.

However, if you are running Spamfire on a computer with no email program, you can import incoming accounts from Spamfire. Open the Account Preferences Window, click the "Add Account" button and then choose to Import Accounts from Spamfire 1.