How to: Filter Email While I'm Traveling

You can use Spamfire to filter your email automatically while you are traveling. Then you can check your email with a laptop computer or a public computer while you are on the road and receive only good email and no spam. This is very easy to set up.

You must leave your computer on and connected to the internet while you are gone. Make sure your computer will not automatically shut down or go to sleep while it is unattended.

Set an automatic filtering schedule in the Spamfire Schedule Preferences.

Quit your email program.

If you want, you can quit Spamfire. Spamfire Agent will remain open in the background.

That's all! With these settings, Spamfire will automatically filter all the email accounts that are configured in the Account Preferences Window. Spam will be removed from the server. Good email will be left on the server. When you check your email on the road, you will only see the good email.

If you filter a POP3 account and Spamfire mistakenly intercepts a good message as spam, you will not be able to correct this until you return to your computer. If you filter an IMAP account, you will be able to find the intercepted spam in the online IMAP folder and move it back into your inbox.