Using the Spamfire Setup Assistant

The first time you open Spamfire, the Spamfire Setup Assistant will guide you step-by-step to making the settings Spamfire needs to filter your email.

Spamfire will ask you to select the name of your email program from a popup menu. Then Spamfire will be able to import email accounts from your email program. Any accounts you import from your email program will be filtered in Spamfire.

If your email program is not listed, or if you use a Web browser to read your email, you must set up your accounts in Spamfire manually.

After the Spamfire Setup Assistant finishes, you will see the main Spamfire mail window. Then you can read the instructions for filtering your email the first time.

The Spamfire Setup Assistant appears only the first time you launch Spamfire. Afterwards, you will use the Spamfire Preferences window to make settings changes. If for some reason you do want to see the Setup Assistant again, you can click Run Setup Assistant Again... in the Spamfire Extra Preferences.