Setting Up Spamfire to Work as a Helper (not a Proxy)

By default, Spamfire is designed to work as an email proxy for your email program. If you prefer, you can set up Spamfire to work as a side-by-side helper application for your email program. Then your email program and Spamfire will both connect to your email server to retrieve email. This is how Spamfire 1.6 worked. See a comparison of the 1.6 Helper architecture and the 2.0 Proxy architecture.

If you have already set up Spamfire to work as a proxy, and want to change it to work as a Helper, you must first remove the account from the Spamfire Preferences window and then re-add it as a non-proxy account, using the instructions below.

If you never set up Spamfire to work as a proxy, you must manually add your email account settings to Spamfire. Open the Spamfire Account Preferences and read these instructions. After your accounts are configured, you will probably want to set a custom filtering schedule so that Spamfire will fiter your email automatically. Whether you set a custom schedule or not, you can filter your email any time by opening Spamfire and choosing Start Filtering from the View menu.

After you have setup Spamfire, read about filtering your email for the first time.