Sender Filters

On Macintosh, Spamfire automatically accepts email from any sender who appears in the built-in Mac OS X address book. On any platform, Spamfire also maintains its own Senders List, where you can add friends and known spammers to control what email Spamfire will accept or reject.

You can view or edit your Senders list any time in the Sender Filters Preferences Window.

If you do not use OS X, or if your email program does not use the Mac OS X address book, you can export your address book to a text file (any format) and import it into Spamfire. More info.

You can add both email addresses and domain names to the Spamfire Senders list. For example, if you add to your Senders list as a friend, you will always receive email that comes from any address

You can also add spammer addresses and domain names to your Senders List. Spamfire will always intercept messages whose sender you have marked as a spammer.

When you are browsing mail in the Spamfire Mail window, if you spot a message that was incorrectly marked as spam, you can select the message and then click the Is Friend button or choose Mark as Friend from the Message menu or press F. This will deliver the message to your mail client, train the Bayesian filters, and add the sender to your Friends list. Other options are available. See Correcting Spamfire for more information.