Getting Started with Sonar

Start Listening

When you open Sonar, the main Sonar window appears. A toolbar at the top of the window gives you access to most commands. To get started, click Start Listening in the toolbar. The first time you start listening, Sonar will ask you for your administrator password. About your password.

After you enter the correct password, Sonar will start listening to your computer's file system. The status display at the bottom of the window will read Status: Listening. Sonar will listen to all disks: hard disks, removable disks, USB flash drives, even network mounted drives and your .Mac iDisk if you have one.

How to see if Sonar is working

Every time a file changes on your computer, it generates a file system event. When Sonar is listening, it displays all these events in the main window.

To test Sonar, first make sure it is listening. Then create a new folder on your desktop. Then rename the folder. Finally throw the folder in the trash. All these different events will appear in the Sonar window. There are several different event types.

Stop Listening

To stop listening, click Stop Listening, or just quit Sonar.

More info

See More about the Main Sonar Window.