File System Event Types

Sonar can show the following file system events. Events can be triggered by any program on your computer.

create file A file has been created.
create directory A folder has been created.
content modified The contents of a file has been modified. When the contents of a folder are modified, you may see a "content modified" event for the invisible .DS Store file inside that folder.
delete A file has been deleted. This happens when you empty the trash or when a program deletes a file outright (rather than moving it to the trash).
exchange A program has swapped the contents of two files. This often happens when you save a document. The program will write the new data to a temp file, then swap the temp file with the original file.
finder info changed One of the bits of Finder info has changed. Finder info flags include Finder labels, lock status, visibility, and more.
invalid The file system was so busy that it was not able to provide all details of an event to Sonar. This can happen when you initiate an action that makes tons of quick, small changes to the file system. Running installer programs, opening zip archives and emptying the trash are the most frequent ways this might happen.
move A file has been moved from one folder to another.
stat changed Some meta-data on the file has been modified, usually related to permissions.
rename A file has been renamed.
trash A file has been moved to the trash.