Step Three: Installing the Site Map

After you have modified or confirmed the Site Map display options, you can use the Install pane to preview your site map in a Web browser or install your site map into a Web page.

Click the Preview in Web Browser button to preview your site map in a Web browser. Link Mapper will create a simple HTML web page and load it into your default Web browser. The HTML code created will be similar, but not identical, to the final HTML code created when you install the site map into a Web page.

You cannot click the Install into Web Page... button until you have chosen a file to install the site map into. You can drag a file right into the file rectangle of the Install pane of the main window. Or click the Choose... button to select a file. Be sure to select an HTML file or similar file like a PHP file. It is possible to select another kind of file, like an image file or a Microsoft word document, but installing a site map into a non-text, non-HTML file may result in irreversible file corruption.

After you have chosen a file, click the Install into Web page... button. A new window will appear where you can set additional options. See these instructions.

After you have installed the Web page into a Web page HTML file, you can upload the HTML file to your Web server in the usual way.