Step One: Loading files into Link Mapper

When you launch Link Mapper, the main window shows the Source Files pane. You can change the view by clicking the tabs at the top of the main Link Mapper window.

The first step in creating a site map is to load the files you want to create links to. Link Mapper will create a link to each file you have loaded into Link Mapper.

To load files into Link Mapper, you can:

Drag files and folders right into the listbox in the Source Files pane of the main window.

Click the Add button under the listbox .

Choose Add File... or Add Folder... from the File menu at the top of the .

Files will be loaded according to the current file filter. A summary of the file filter appears near the bottom of the window. To change the file filter, click the Options... button and see these instructions.

After you have loaded the files you want to make links to, you can click the Next button at the bottom of the window to move to the next step.