Site Map options

You can show this window by moving to the Site Map pane and clicking the Options... button.

Choose whether to Show file names or Show page titles. Page titles are defined in the <title> tag of HTML pages. File names are the actual names of the files that appear in the files' URLs. Usually, you will want to show page titles. If you load a file that doesn't have a title, a human-friendly form of the file name will be used instead.

You can choose to Sort the site map by file name, page title or last modified date.

If you are showing page titles, you can choose to Use title of index page for folders. When this option is turned on, folders will not be displayed in the site map. Instead, Link Mapper will locate the index or default file in that folder and use that for the folder entry in the site map. For more information, see this example.

You can specify the File names of index pages in your Web site. You should specify the names without a file extension. Thus, you can specify index to indicate either index.htm or index.php files. Most Web sites use index to name the index files, but your Web site may use default or homepage or other variations. You can add, remove and edit filenames using the standard list editing buttons:

Add new entry to the list
Remove the currently selected list entry
Edit the currently selected list entry