Install options

You can show this window by moving to the Install pane and clicking the Install... button.

The Install options window lets you control how your new site map will be inserted into a Web page.

If a site map already exists on the page, you should probably choose the Replace existing site map radio button. Link Mapper will locate the existing site map and replace it with the new one.

If there is no site map on the page, you must choose the Insert new site map radio button. You can then use the Before/After popup menu and the combo box to select where in the Web page Link Mapper should insert the new site map.

Site Map installs site maps wrapped in special comment tags. Link Mapper searches for these special comment tags to replace an existing site map. After installing a site map, if you move a site map to another location in the same web page, be sure to also move the comment wrapper tags so that Link Mapper will be able to find and replace the site map in the future.

You can check the box Show Web page in browser to show the new site map in your default Web browser. On Mac OS X , your default Web browser is set in the Internet pane of the System Preferences.

You can check the box Edit Web page to open the new site map in your preferred Web page editor. Your preferred Web page editor is whichever program created the original site map file or whichever program is configured to open HTML files when you double-click them.