Source File Options

You can show this window by moving to the Source Files pane and clicking the Options... button.

When you click the Options... button on the Source Files pane, a new window will appear where you can change the file filter. The file filter controls what files will be loaded into Link Mapper.

On the left, you can specify the file name extensions a file must have in order to be loaded into Link Mapper. You should specify the extensions you use on your Web site to denote a Web page. This would include file name extensions like .html, .htm, .php, .shtml, etc.

On the right, you can specify strings of text which, if they appear in a file name, will cause that file not to be loaded into Link Mapper. For example, some Webmasters use the tilde "~" character to denote an out-of-date file, which they still maintain in the file system for archival purposes but which should not be included in the site map.

You can update the lists using the standard list editing buttons:

Add new entry to the list
Remove the currently selected list entry
Edit the currently selected list entry