Setting Schedule Options

The main Downtime Settings window has a locked view and an unlocked view. The locked view shows the current user only:

To show the unlocked view where you can make changes, just click the padlock icon. Enter your username and password. Then you will see the unlocked view:

All the users of your computer appear in a drawer on the left or right side of the main window. Click a user whose computer use you want to restrict. Then in the main window you can create schedule restrictions. You can click the large bevel buttons near the top of the window to create rules for Today only, for Weekdays and for Weekends (Saturday and Sunday). You can make the following settings:

  • Don't allow user to log in. Click this to lock the user's account. They won't be able to log in under any circumstances until you change their Downtime settings.
  • Allow user to log in any time. The user can log into their account at any time of day.
  • Allow user to log in between certain times. You can specify a time range when the user is allowed to log in.

You can also specify a daily limit for the user, in half-hour increments, by dragging the slider at the bottom of the window. The daily limit can be used in combination with the time range. For example, in the screeshot above, the user Meriadoc can log in at 4:00 PM and use the computer for up to 2 hours. He can log out and log back in again any number of times before 7:00 PM but downtime will only count minutes where he is logged in. After his 2 hours are up, he will be logged out. If 7:00 comes along, he will be logged out immediately, even if he hasn't yet reached his 2 hour daily limit.

The main window lets you make settings for each user. You can also set global Preferences that apply to all users.