Downtime Preferences

You can access the Downtime Preferences window by choosing Preferences from the Downtime menu (next to the Apple menu). The settings you make in this window apply to all users of your computer.

  • Real-Life Weekend Rules. Treats Friday night as a weekend night and Sunday night as a weekday night. If a user has a 7:00 PM Weekday downtime and a 10:00 PM Weekend downtime, he will be able to work till 7 on Thursday night, 10 on Friday night, 10 on Saturday night, and 7 on Sunday night.
  • Show Warning 15 Minutes Before Downtime. The user will get a warning 15 minutes before Downtime logs him out. The user will be encouraged to close and save documents before getting logged out, to avoid data loss.
  • Show Countdown For Final 2 Minutes. Downtime will launch and display a live countdown for the last 2 minutes before the user is logged out.
  • After logging out user. Choose Stay On and the Mac will stay powered on and at the login prompt. Choose Sleep and the Mac will sleep after logging a user out. Choose Shut Down and the Mac will shut down after logging a user out (but only if there are not any other users still logged in with Panther's Fast User Switching feature). The Sleep and Shut Down may not take effect until up to a minute after the user is logged out.