Purchasing Downtime

You can try Downtime in Demo mode at no charge for 15 days. After 15 days, Downtime requires a serial number. You can purchase a serial number from our Web site. Current pricing is listed on the Web site.

When you purchase a serial number, you can enter it into the demo software you've already downloaded. You don't need to download anything new. Downtime will ask for the serial number any time you launch it in demo mode. Or you can choose Enter Serial Number... from the Downtime menu. You will only need to enter your serial number once.

If any circumstances have prevented you from fully evaluating Downtime during the demo period, you can contact technical support and request a temporary serial number to reset your demo time.

You can uninstall Downtime any time during the demo period. If your demo period expires, the Downtime application will launch automatically and notify you of the expiration. Then you can choose to uninstall Downtime or purchase a serial number.