What can you do with Downtime?

You can set time limits for computer use for different users on your computer. Downtime works with the built-in multi-user capabilities of OS X and takes advantage of the OS X Unix Security features to ensure that users can't circumvent the rules you set. Here are some of the things you can do with Downtime:

  • Your account is the main administrator account. There are no limitations on your account.
  • Your son is allowed to use the computer on the weekends but only for 2 hours, and he is not allowed to use the computer any later than 8 PM.
  • Your daughter is working on a lot of school papers, so she can use the computer on weekdays after school until 10 PM. She can also use the computer any time on weekends but only for 3 hours per day.
  • Your other son has had a bad attitude lately, so you've disabled his account indefinitely. Maybe you'll turn it back on after the lawn gets mowed a few times.
  • Your spouse is always nice to you, so there are no restrictions on that account.

Downtime makes it easy to set up rules like this. There are just a couple requirements.