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It’s Your Email. Fight spammers with Spamfire.
Spamfire Version 1

Spamfire 1 was first released in April 2003. Although we stopped updating it after version 1.6 in 2005, it is still available for Mac OS 9 and Windows computers and still provides great spam filtering to thousands of users. The Spamfire Remote Filters still work with Spamfire 1 and we update those filters aggressively, adding hundreds of new filters every day, thousands every month. So even if you use Spamfire 1, you can continue to benefit from our Remote Filters. If you’re still using Spamfire 1 on Mac OS X, consider upgrading to Spamfire 2 to get these exciting new features: * Self-training Bayesian Filters offer better accuracy than ever before. 99% accuracy is easy to achieve with Spamfire 2. * New integration features mean you can check your mail and receive filtered mail without even opening Spamfire in your dock. * A brand new database and other performance improvements make Spamfire more stable and reliable than ever. * And many more new features.

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Released: Mar 11 ’07 History
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