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It’s Your Email. Fight spammers with Spamfire.
Upgrade to Spamfire 2

If you are using Spamfire 1 you can upgrade to Spamfire 2 for a discounted price. Just visit our Purchase page and purchase an upgrade license. Upgrades require two licenses, your Spamfire 1 license (which starts with SF) and your Spamfire upgrade license (which starts with SU). So be sure to save both license codes. If you purchase an upgrade license, it will not work unless you also have a Spamfire 1 license. An upgrade license does not renew your filter subscription. If your filter subscription is expired, you can renew it. The easiest way to renew your subscription is to purchase the version 2 upgrade license, install and open version 2, and then choose Filter updates… from the Spamfire menu. A new window will appear with a button you can use to renew. The button will open a Web page with your Spamfire 1 license code filled in. That’s exactly what you want. Fill out the rest of the form and your new subscription will be available immediately. We offer a $5 rebate if you purchase both a software license upgrade and a filter subscription renewal within 30 days of one another. Simply contact us no later than 10 days after your order and include the invoice number from each purchase. We’ll issue a rebate right to your credit card. If you purchased Spamfire 1 after February 1, 2005 (some stores may still have old Spamfire versions in stock!) you qualify for a free upgrade. Contact tech support for assistance.

Version: 2.30 Download
Released: Mar 11 ’07 History
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