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It’s Your Email. Fight spammers with Spamfire.
Spamfire Screenshots

We have tried to make Spamfire 2.0 familiar to our current users, while implementing commonly requested new features.

The mail window uses a completely new database engine for much improved speed. New browsing features make it easy to see only the things that matter. In this screenshot, the user is hiding hundreds of definite spam messages in order to focus on just a few borderline messages. This makes looking for false positives much easier and faster, not to mention less offensive since the obvious porn has been stripped away. Spamfire 2 also offers a Trash option in addition to Delete.

Spamfire automatically integrates with the OS X address book, so you only need to use the Senders List if you want to augment the built-in address book or add known spammers. There is no limit on the number of known spammers you can add. You can now sort the list by domain and also search the list. The Senders now appear in the Filters tab along with the other filters.

If you like, you can browse the tokens in the Bayesian table in order to see what words are being used to make spam decisions. Your Bayesian table is unique to you and therefore virtually impossible for spammers to spoof. Because Spamfire 2 uses more than one kind of spam filter, unlike other solutions, Spamfire can train itself to recognize new spam, reducing the amount of training you have to perform to keep it accurate.

Spamfire lets you control what actually gets delivered to your email program. If you find yourself suddenly inundated with bogus attachments from the latest email virus, you can train Spamfire to recognize them. But if some still slip through, you can tell Spamfire to hold them all, even if they don't "look" like spam, in one place where you can review them. Or just trash them right away.

You can control what happens to messages when they get identified. Tired of seeing definite spam messages in the list? Trash them right away. Want to receive all email in your email program and filter it there? Pass it all through, even the spam, but add a special header on the way so your email program can filter it easily.

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