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It’s Your Email. Fight spammers with Spamfire.
A Powerful Set of Spam Filters

Spamfire 2 uses a combination of four different filter technologies to provide remarkable filtering accuracy. The filters work together to learn how to recognize your email. You will find that Spamfire requires some training in the first few days but the auto-training features will shorten the training period and keep Spamfire's accuracy high in the future.

Automatically Updated Remote Filters

New Spamfire licenses come with a renewable 12-month subscription to the Spamfire Filter Update Subscription service, which automatically delivers new filters to Spamfire users to stay ahead of the latest spammer tactics. When other Spamfire users report spam by using the Revenge button, you receive the benefit of increased acccuracy through the Remote Filters.

Sender Whitelists and Blacklists

Spamfire automatically accepts any email coming from a sender in your OS X address book. Spamfire also maintains its own list of approved and blocked senders. When training Spamfire you can add senders to your whitelist with a single click to ensure that mail from that sender will always be accepted in the future.

Custom Rule Filters

You can block or approve mail based on custom rule filters you create. For example, if you receive emailed order notifications from your Web site, you can add a simple rule filter to check the subject line of incoming emails and ensure that your orders are always delivered.

Self-training Bayesian filters

Spamfire makes a sophisticated statistical analysis of all your incoming mail. Spamfire tracks which words are likely to appear in spam and which words are likely to appear in your good mail. The result is a personal portrait of what your mail looks like. This helps Spamfire recognize your good mail and discard the spam with incredible accuracy. You can train these filters, known as Bayesian filters, simply by correcting Spamfire when it makes a mistake. And Spamfire can actually train itself by using the other filters. The very first time you filter mail, the Remote Filters will train Spamfire how to recognize spam and your address book will train it how to recognize good email.

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Released: Mar 11 ’07 History
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