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It’s Your Email. Fight spammers with Spamfire.
Spamfire 2 - Protection & Revenge

Spamfire is the most powerful and complete spam filter for the Macintosh. Spamfire uses four advanced filter technologies to provide incredibly high accuracy.

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Filter Updates Built-In

Every new Spamfire license includes a renewable 12-month subscription to the Spamfire Filter Update Subscription service, which automatically delivers new filters to Spamfire users to stay ahead of the latest spammer tactics. The Remote Filters work in both Spamfire 1 and Spamfire 2. You can renew or extend your filter subscription.

Remarkable Accuracy

Spamfire quickly learns what your email looks like and can stop more than 99% of spam for most users. In the first few days, you should train Spamfire by clicking the Is Spam and Is Good buttons anytime Spamfire makes a mistake. Spamfire will also train itself from the Remote Filters. After a few days, you can expect very high accuracy. More about training.

Seamless integration

The Spamfire Setup Assistant automatically reconfigures your email client to pick up filtered mail from Spamfire (for POP accounts). Spamfire filters mail from your server and passes the good stuff directly to your email program. Spamfire offers other unique options too, like Vacation Filtering when you're on the road and Parental Protection to shield your children from spam and pornography.

The best revenge is—Revenge!

Filtering spam is nice. But why not fight back? And why not do it automatically? Spamfire offers fun revenge features that let you send a message to the spammers. It can increase the spammers' cost of doing business and give you that warm feeling that comes from hassling a creep.

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Released: Mar 11 ’07 History
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